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1 Website usage rules

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2 Intellectual Property Declaration

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4. With our prior written consent and following our instructions, you may copy or distribute the website content, but you must ensure that the copy and distribution are complete and true, including but not limited to all relevant electronic documents, copyright and trademark announcements, as well as this statement itself.

3 Limitation of Liability

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3. Based on the needs of product or service provision, we may use automated tools to access and collect public data from some third-party website platforms. We promise that the aforementioned data acquisition behavior will strictly comply with legal and regulatory requirements and be within the constraints of third-party public statements. If you have any questions or concerns about the use of our data (such as involving infringement of third-party rights), you can provide feedback to us through the contact information published on this website.

4 Software and data download

1. All source code and binary software, sample code, APIs, SDKs, related documents, and other related materials (collectively referred to as the "Software") on this website, including applicable intellectual property rights, belong to us or our licensors.

2. Unless you obtain corresponding licenses through signing relevant agreements with us or our affiliated companies, the terms of use of this website do not provide any form of license for the software, and you are not allowed to:

(1) Malicious operations such as tampering or damaging software;

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(4) Study the internal implementation of our products in any way, obtain product source code, steal intellectual property rights, etc;

(5) Disclose the results of any software performance testing.

3. Software related warranties or commitments shall only be based on the provisions of the technology license agreement. Except for the warranties or commitments in the technology license agreement, we do not make any warranties or commitments, including but not limited to accuracy, reliability, timeliness, suitability for special purposes, or non infringement. We also do not assume any responsibility for losses caused by the installation or use of the software, and we reserve the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

5 Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

1. All matters related to accessing or using this website shall be interpreted, enforced, understood, and governed in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China.

2. Any disputes arising from this statement shall first be resolved through friendly consultation between both parties; If negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit with the court with jurisdiction in Nanjing.


6 Other

The title of this statement is for reference only and does not serve as a basis for interpreting the content of this statement.

2. We shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special or any form of punitive damages, nor shall we be liable for any loss of profits, income, data, or data usage.

3. The interpretation rights of this statement and the final interpretation rights of this website belong to Minivision Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.