Core technology

Core technology

Visual Analysis

By relying on robust few-shot learning technologies and computer vision algorithms, efficient and fast model customization and the ability to swiftly develop and implement algorithms are achieved. The algorithm is widely applied in smart cities, communities, schools, finance, and other scenarios, and also demonstrates its application value in epidemic prevention, entertainment and artistic creation.


Minivision's metaverse technologies include virtual anchors, 3D facial reconstruction, dense facial landmark detection, human pose estimation, sensitive motion capture and 3D scene perception.

Algorithm Marketplace

Minivision's original AI algorithm, based on deep learning technology and with the goal of " recognizable as analyzable", has completed over 300 algorithms in 6 major categories in its 8-year history. These algorithms have been widely applied in scenarios such as smart city management, smart communities, smart campuses, smart sites and internet applications, and are gradually being open-sourced.

Mini-AI Experience Platform

Make AI easy to use, effective and affordable! Build online and offline traffic portals, provide high-value capabilities to different user groups according to FaceID, and empower different industries.

Product Center

Product Center

  • AI Labelling Training Platform
  • AI Algorithm Set
  • Visual Center Platform
  • AIOT Platform
  • High-performance and Low-latency Edge Computing
  • Intelligent Terminal Engine
  • Intelligent IoT Application System
  • Intelligent Mining Calculation and Analysis Integrated Machine
  • Intelligent Mining Applications Integrated Machine
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    AI Labelling Training Platform

    No coding, High efficiency, Short cycle time

    Minivison’s ZhouChu labelling training platform covers the entire process of algorithm development and production, such as algorithm standards, model training, model acceleration and model deployment. Based on the core technology of few-shot and weakly supervised learning, the platform has features such as no coding, high efficiency and short cycle time. It can quickly respond to customers' needs for algorithm production and optimization, promoting the rapid implementation of the algorithm into practical services.

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    AI Algorithm Set

    Differentiated and scenario-based solutions

    With original intelligent visual algorithms as its core, Minivision Tech provides algorithmic empowerment for chip companies and intelligent hardware solution providers, and jointly develops differentiated and scenario-based solutions for partners to create value and enhance business competitiveness.

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    Visual Center Platform

    High-performance, high-density intelligent analytics products.

    High-performance, high-density intelligent analytics products that integrate structured video analytics, data storage and data application provide intelligent video analytics capabilities for large-scale video surveillance scenarios such as smart cities, smart city management and smart communities to improve the effectiveness of video data usage, thereby enhancing the benefits of scenario management.

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    AIOT Platform

    Foundation of intelligent service capability

    As the foundation of intelligent service capability, AIOT platform is based on the leading algorithmic capability and brings together various basic data to realize data intelligence. It is oriented to various business scenarios to support and help various industries to realize digital transformation and intelligent upgrading.

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    High-performance and Low-latency Edge Computing

    Xingxiang Series edge analysis host

    Intelligent analysis equipment, developed based on Minivision's original visual analysis algorithm, provides intelligent video applications such as face/body detection, behavior analysis, machine and object analysis, people counting, hot zone analysis, dog analysis, etc.

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    Intelligent Terminal Engine

    Xingqing Series intelligent panel machine and AI camera

    Intelligent hardware with algorithms deeply adapted to different vertical scenes in the city, widely used in communities, schools, parks, construction sites, etc.

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    Intelligent IoT Application System

    Realization of security applications, intelligent applications, and scenario applications for target scenarios.

    This product, as a business application system for multiple industry segmentation scenarios, is oriented to communities, parks, hospitals, schools and other scenarios. It not only realizes the general application function in current scenario, but also loads the scenario personalized intelligent application and scenario application function according to the scenario. It is also applied to medium-sized scene deployment to realize the security application, intelligent application and scene application of this target scene.

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    Intelligent Mining Calculation and Analysis Integrated Machine

    Deep understanding of mining scenarios, full coverage of mining vision algorithms and high value of arithmetic utilization.

    Minivision’s Ling Que calculation and analysis integrated machine of is an industrial-grade video computing all-in-one machine specially designed for the mining industry, with the core objectives of deep understanding of mining scenes, full coverage of mining visual algorithms and high value of arithmetic utilization, to create a mine's intelligent eye, gain insight into mining risks and hidden dangers, and help mine safety supervision. Based on artificial intelligence and cloud-edge fusion technology, devices have built-in video analysis software, which can analyze and calculate the surveillance video in the mine production scene. Traditional surveillance cameras are upgraded into "safety inspectors" and automatically detect the three violations and risky events, with the functions of video convergence, intelligent analysis, risk warning, event management and so on.

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    Intelligent Mining Applications Integrated Machine

    Automatic inspection, identification, alarm, push and evaluation.

    Minivision’s Lingque application integrated machine is specially designed for coal mining enterprises, which focuses on "safety supervision" and "production management". It targets the three violations and risk events in open pit and underground coal mines, and integrates automatic inspection, identification, early warning, push and assessment of video. This can realize automatic warning, automatic push and automatic assessment in the form of business closed-loop. It also builds the mine intelligent visual safety and helps coal mining enterprises improve the quality of safety management and increase efficiency.

Minivision--Intelligent Vision and Full-scene Eco-service Provider

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    8-year-old Minivision
  • 0Major Categories
    Core algorithms in 6 major categories
  • 0Types
    Over 300 algorithms

Industry applications

Industry Applications

  • Smart Mine
  • Smart City
  • Intelligent Internet
  • Smart Community
  • Smart Campus
  • Smart Site
  • Safety Production
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    Smart Mine

    Mining "intelligent eye" to see the whole scene of a mine

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    Smart City

    With computer vision at its core, Minivision's digital city solution is complemented by related technologies such as IoT, AI and big data to create a smart visual center for cities. It provides unified management, AI empowerment and application upgrades for video surveillance in various urban scenarios. The platform is user-oriented and can provide algorithmic on-demand options and real-time event alerts to meet various needs such as urban management, enterprise production, livelihood services and environmental protection. It comprehensively promotes the upgrading of urban digital governance.

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    Intelligent Internet

    With face recognition technology as its core, it provides multi-dimensional, fast and efficient verification support and protection for the Internet industry, thereby reducing industry risks. At the same time, it encourages traditional industries to enter the era of intelligent decision-making.

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    Smart Community

    Building a national mega-unit smart community.

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    Smart Campus

    The National Standard "Primary and Secondary Schools, Kindergartens, Security Precaution Requirements" (GB/T29315-2022), which was approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation on 15 April 2022, has been formally implemented since 1 June. This standard specifies 16 key parts and areas for campus security precautions, extending the campus security protection area from the inside to the entrance and surrounding areas.

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    Smart Site

    AI empowers all elements of security production with a single click, helping companies apply various measures to build an advanced, reliable, safe, green and efficient new security production ecosystem in all aspects.

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    Safety Production

    AI empowers all elements of security production with a single click, helping companies apply various measures to build an advanced, reliable, safe, green and efficient new security production ecosystem in all aspects.